LYRICS / TABS // The Lighter Side of Darkness



Breathing, just breathing

Gets harder when you’re next to me

I’ve been dreaming, and dreaming

That I might see you this way

Feelings are just feelings

Yeah, I know that’s what we say

But there’s a meaning, there’s a meaning

There’s a meaning, I still believe


Let me inside your broken heart

Everything, both the light, the dark

I want all of you, all of you

All of this time spent worlds apart

I’d trade the world for what you are

I want all of you, all of you

And I’ll give you all that I am too


I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving

No, you won’t scare me away

Cause I’m even, I’m even

I’m even more depraved

So take the demons, take the demons

That you’ve always locked away

And just free them, just free them

Just pour them all over me


I want all of you

Just pour it all over me



Tell me everything you fear

And tell me what you really want

I’m not here to disappear 

For somebody I know you’re not

I’m not afraid, baby no way

I’m not afraid to see your face

And I’d rather stay, I’d rather wait

To wipe your tears away


When you break down


I want to break down with you

And look inside

Your best side is not the you

That gets me high

When I’m alone at night


Let me let you in my world

And show you what I’m really like

No more time for playing games

And nowhere else to hide

I’m not afraid, baby no way

I’m not afraid to show my face

And if you run away, I’m not gonna chase

But I hope I can be there for you


When you break down


And I start pacing ‘round the room

Nothing else to do

Turned 13 and had a dream

‘Bout a girl looked just like you



They said high school

Would ready you for college

They said college

Would ready you for life

They said that was

All you could really hope for

But I don’t buy it anymore


I’m so sick of this hollow existence

We just stay the same

I can’t tell you how much I wish that

We could run away

I’m so sick of this hollow existence

We just stay afraid

I know something better is out there

Not too far away


It’s not too far away


We go deeper

Into our own lives

And further 

From everything outside


Tells us who were are and what to do

And puts this distance

Between me and you


There’s more to this

I know there is

I may not know that much

But I know this

You can do anything you want



Wake Up!



That we used to have at night

Complications would subside




Of a love left open wide

Seeing everything inside

Her eyes


And I wake up

And I realize

The feeling isn't right

The feeling isn't right


So I wake up

And I decide

To move on with my life

To move on with my life

And wake up


She left a marking

She tore into my thoughts

As she ripped all my clothes off

I felt it burning


I used to love her

Or at least I used to try

Hoping to fill my empty life

With a little meaning



Oh yeah, we go way back

All the memories that we both have

When you and I were more than history

I wanted you back

So I put it on playback

But you were never really listening


And I don’t know why

Why all of the time

You only care about yourself

Oh, I don’t know why

When I look in your eyes

I don’t want anybody else


We go back, we go back

To where we began

To show that we know that

This can’t be the end

We go back, we go back

We both try to stay

But no

We go back to being alone


Oh, cause we go way back

I’m pretending like I don’t miss that

I really wanted you next to me

Needed you so bad

I gave all that I had

But now there’s nothing else you need from me


And I don’t know why, oh why

Did we fall apart as easy as we fell?

Oh, I don’t know why, oh why

I couldn’t have even tried to help it



In life, there are lessons

And in time, we all question

When am I gonna realize

The reason why I am alive?

In life, we all suffer

And in time, we all wonder

What’s waiting on the other side

Sometimes we just wait to die


Sometimes we wait to be alive


When every door is closing

And everything is broken

And you don’t even know why

You better stay wide open

Cause this could be the moment

You finally see the light

Over the clouds there’s a big blue sky


In life, we all wrestle with ourselves

Unhappy with

Something we can’t identify

Disappointed and can’t remember why


And I don’t know why I’m alive

Why am I alive now?


I know it’s a little higher

These feelings are little liars

It’s a little higher



Lights off in a quiet room

Melt away with you

The you I never knew

Now you know me too


Your eyes are fire

Burning away

All I desire

In one place


Hands on in a quiet room

You wanted to

Just like you always knew

How much I’ve wanted you


Just melt away with you

I’m melting into you



After the things that you’ve had to drink

Can numb what you really think

Do you still believe you’re able to see

Beyond just above your sink?

Tell me your passion, tell me your dreams

You wonder if anyone sees

Cause while we are here

I want to see clear

The connection that we still fear


Hello, is anybody there?

I will be waiting for you where


Life still feels so alive, still feels so alive

When you open your eyes

I want my soul to thrive, not just to survive

Till the day I die

So give me your everything

I want to be so alive


Behind all the smoke, you laugh at the jokes

Distorting the world you know

I know it’s so cold, you left long ago

But I’m left here alone

Yeah, no, I get it, it isn’t that different

It’s just what we do for fun

But is it enough? Is this what you love

Or what you believe in?


Hello, is anybody there?

I am waiting for you where


Hello, is anybody there?

Things are so empty here

Hello, is anybody there?

I’m still waiting for you where


This is just a hiding place

Where the fearful grow numb and wait

It feels like home, it feels so close

But you’re only getting farther away

I’m not scared of the darkness in your heart

I just want your everything



I don’t have to pledge allegiance to your

Your big pretty rag

What are all your patriotic words for

If it’s not how you act?


I don’t have to close my eyes and support

The land and life that we have

Yeah, I know it’s everything the flag stands for

But it’s always half-mast 


This is deeper than the words we’ve spoken

The wounds are deeper than our beliefs

While every single day wastes away

In every single way, life here is gonna change

To something we are not

Something we all thought was history

And we’re all to blame


I don’t have to keep my mouth shut just cause

You don’t like what’s inside

Shutting down the ugly external insights

Is how your freedom really dies

It’s so easy to forget what life was like 

For most of the time

The only reason that we ever grew was

When someone crossed the line



People wonder why she acts so shy

With all the light that’s always shining from her eyes

And people ask her if she feels alright

But it’s easier if she lies


People wonder why she looks so sad

Not everybody gets to live the kind of life she has

And to them it doesn’t seem so bad

But they don’t really understand


She got broken long ago

Left forgotten on the side of the road

Why take the highway when you don’t know where to go?

She’d rather sit here alone

And she was open long ago

But things have happened, things have kept her eyes closed

So now she’s perfect and she doesn’t even know

She’d rather sit here alone


People always try to make it right

But no one ever really seems to break through the ice

And I know exactly what that’s like

So I promise you here tonight


That if you just hold on, then there will come a time

When the pain is gone and you have survived

And when you reach the dawn after the darkest night

You’ll be unbreakable for life